'Maybe he thought he was un-catchable. But he wasn't'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Springfield police have arrested Thomas Grimes, the man who escaped from the Douglas County Jail last month.

Multiple agencies have been looking for the man, and he has eluded police several times.

"We were saying that he's been incredibly lucky...but luck eventually runs out. And his did," said Springfield Police K9 Officer Daren Kendrick.

Police found Grimes at a camp site in the Fall Creek area just before 7 a.m.

"It looked like he tore a hole through the back of his tent, he was barefoot, in his boxers, running through the forest," said Springfield Police Officer Allan Amundson. "So I think we did surprise him."

He ran from a tent towards the woods. Police said they found pocket knives in the tent, but no firearms.

Officers caught up to Grimes after the wanted man ran about a football field's length into the woods, with K9 Tjenco close behind.

"Tjenco has been taught to guard and bark...So if the person's not posing a threat to us, he's just supposed to stay with him and bark and guard him for us," said Kendrick.

Grimes was treated for minor injuries.

Jail officials have confirmed that Grimes is now back in Douglas County, where he escaped from jail last month.

Charges against Grimes are under review, police said.

He faces multiple felony charges for crimes committed in Lane County after his escape from jail in Douglas County, police said.

"Maybe he thought he could get away forever," said Amundson. "I mean, it took us a little while to finally get him, so maybe he thought he was un-catchable. But he wasn't."

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