Marriage proposal 'plane' but not simple

COBURG, Ore. - Drew Meltebeke took his girlfriend Molly Kirkelie on a flight over the Willamette Valley on Sunday to get a bird's-eye view a building site for his family's construction business.

With his girlfriend home from college on Spring Break, the Lane Community College flight student seized the opportunity to take her flying - and pulled off a marriage proposal more than a month in the making.

"We were going flying to take pictures of his uncle's barn, and once we got up in the air he pointed to where the barn should have been and it said, Marry Me?" Kirkelie said. "Both of our families were out there, and they formed a question mark."

"We turned right next to it and I pointed it out to her and she looks at it and then looks back at me and I had the ring out," Meltebeke said. "I said, 'Will you marry me?' and she said 'Yes.' "

The Sheldon High School sweethearts don't have a wedding date yet but plan to tie the knot next summer.