Man walking dogs from Canada to Mexico stops in Coos Bay

COOS BAY, Ore. - Luke Robinson and his dogs Indiana and Hudson started walking from the Canadian border towards the Mexican border on May 10.

The journey will take 6 months.

Robinson and Indiana passed through Coos Bay heading south to Gold Beach on Wednesday morning.

Hudson is sidelined for the next week or so due do a foot infection.

Robinson is walking to honor Murphy, the second dog he lost to cancer.

Robinson founded the Puppy Up Foundation that raises awareness and funds research studies that look at the similarities between canine and human cancer. Robinson's mom is also a cancer survivor.

"We founded an organization that funds cancer research because we believe there is a strong link between cancer and pets and people and we want to know why," said Luke Robinson, the Puppy Up foundation founder. "This guy is a little road warrior, I mean he's a little adventurer. So we do about 10 to 12 miles a day. Our sign reads companions against cancer because that's what we are: We're two companions walking on the road for the joint cause of cancer between pets and people."

This isn't Robinson's first journey spreading awareness. In 2010 he finished a 2,000 mile walk from Austin to Boston to honor his dog Malcolm, who also lost his battle to cancer.

Robinson and his two dogs hope to reach San Diego by the holidays.

The dogs are wearing Tagg GPS Pet Trackers, so you can track their journey at or visit the foundation's page for more information.