Man uses AK-47 stock to deflect blows from machete

NEWPORT, Ore. - A man used the stock of his AK-47 to deflect machete blows from a roommate after an argument turned violent Sunday afternoon, Newport Police said.

Investigators said Juan Bruno-Antonio, 29, was intoxicated when he quarreled with Juan Lopez-Sanchez, 28, at the Nye Street home where they live.

The two separated, but Bruno-Antonio returned with a machete, police said.
Lopez-Sanchez defended himself with the stock of his AK-47, deflecting multiple blows from a machete.

When Bruno-Antonio dropped the machete, another roommate grabbed it.

Bruno-Antonio then attacked Lopez-Sanchez with his fists, police said, injuring the man's face and nose.

Police arrived and found Bruno-Antonio attempting to leave the area. Officers took him into custody and placed him in a patrol car. Police said Bruno-Antonio did $300 in damage to the left passenger window by kicking it.

Police booked Bruno-Antonio at the Lincoln County Jail on charges of Attempted Assault I; Assault IV; Menacing; Disorderly Conduct; and Criminal Mischief II. His bail was set at $137,500.