Man gets 2 years in prison for child sex abuse

COQUILLE, Ore. -- A Coos County man will spend 2 years behind bars, after taking a plea deal on four counts of having material depicting sexually explicit conduct of a child.

William Cisneros was sentenced on Wednesday.

Prosecutors say they pursued the plea deal so the victim didn't have to testify.

The man was charged by authorities with having a relationship with an underage girl, then making pornographic videos with her.

Paul Frasier, the Coos County District Attorney, says he was happy with the outcome. "We accomplished our goals, we held him accountable," he said. "He's going to be a registered sex offender, the family is happy with what happened and we've increased his convictions so that any time in the future he is going to receive a longer sentence."

In addition to this case, Cisneros is facing child sex abuse charges in another county.