Lux goes home: Owners get ferocious cat back from animal shelter

PORTLAND, Ore. - The owners of a cat that went on a rampage after being kicked by the owner's boyfriend for scratching the baby brought the cat home from the county animal shelter on Thursday.

The owners of the 22-pound Himalayan, named Lux, told the Multnomah County Animal Shelter that they decided they wanted him back, according to Mike Oswald with Multnomah County Animal Services.

Officials determined Lux is healthy and shows no evidence of abuse, Oswald said.

"As we do with any owners who surrender their pet to the shelter and then change their mind, we work with them to find the best outcome for the animal and do everything possible to support keeping the pet with its family," Oswald said in a news release.

Earlier this month, the owners called 911 after Lux became so crazed that they had to hide in the bedroom and wait for help from police to arrive.

Lux's owners are scheduled to do a shoot for the Animal Planet show, "My Cat from Hell," next week.

Resources for pet owners

If you are experiencing behavior difficulties with a pet, please see Animal Services' Training Resources page to learn how many problems can be easily managed or solved with a little effort.