Low income families get protien boost from program

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Thanks to a new program, low-income families in Douglas County will have protein on the menu for the rest of the year.

A recent partnership between the Umpqua Fishery Enhancement Derby and the Fish Food Pantry of Roseburg will provide 1,800 cans of tuna monthly for hungry families in the county.

Organizers from the Fish pantry say they hope the Fish For Kids program will continue so they can improve the nutrition of local children. "We have such a hard time providing enough protein for the families we serve," said Karla Roady from the Fish board of directors. "We serve over a thousand families a month, which is about four thousand people, and many of those, of course are children."

Roady says proteins are hard to keep on the shelves. "Tuna is such a much more valued and good protein for people than the hot dogs we have in the freezer," Roady said. "There is quite often not any other protein available."

The $14,000 raised by the fishery enhancement derby will provide the tuna through December.