Looking for a job? Roseburg call center to fill 130 positions by mid-December

When FCR employees in Roseburg aren’t making calls, they enjoy the office culture around them, including hitting a ping pong ball for a quick mental break, Oct. 30, 2017. (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- If you're looking for a job in Douglas County and hoping to find something that might be fun, one company is hiring at a workplace that’s a little different.

"Sometimes there's not as much for younger people to do, so it kind of helps keep things fun and fresh and provides somewhere to work that's not just the mill or somewhere else," says Candi Sherman, an employee at FCR, a call center in Roseburg.

The company provides services mostly for startup companies.

But what you won't find at FCR is a typical office environment.

When employees aren’t making calls left and right, they get to enjoy the office culture around them, including hitting a ping pong ball for a quick mental break.

"It's just a different environment,” says FCR site director Kevin Hanson. “You spend more time here than you do at home, so you might as well be comfortable and have fun."

And FCR wants to give people the chance to put something innovative on their resume.

"One of the industries that was slowly going away was the timber industry, fishing” says Hansen, “and there was not a lot of industry for these small rural areas. But there was still good quality people."

The company makes thousands of calls each day and has about 300 employees.

They provide phone, chat and social media support services, and they can also collaborate with clients.

"You can give input and see that input taken, put into place, and you know that your voice counts and it's not being unheard," says Sherman.

The call center wants to fill 130 positions by mid-December.

For more information, visit the FCR website.

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