Lockout ends at rural fire district

LOOKINGGLASS, Ore. - Volunteer firefighters are back on the job effective Thursday night after being locked out of the fire station by the fire district board.

On Wednesday night, the Lookingglass Rural Fire District board re-instated Fire Chief Steve Rhodes. Rhodes had submitted his resignation at a tension-filled board meeting on July 9.

Volunteer firefighters were locked out of the fire station in July. A nearby fire district agreed to provide emergency coverage on a temporary basis.

Citizens and firefighters weren't allowed to voice their concerns when the board adjourned the July 9 meeting after accepting the chief's resignation.

Rhodes said Thursday that he's glad to see the issues between the firefighters and the board being resolved.

"Our fire department will be up and running again at seven o'clock tonight," he said Thursday. "We'll be handling the first response of our area. Hopefully with the operations stuff we're doing and with the administrative stuff that they're doing, we can get over some of the trust and respect issues and the boundary issues we've had in the past."

The chief thanked Douglas County Fire District Two and the Winston-Dillard Fire District for stepping in to take care of calls in the Lookingglass district over the past month.