Local student invited to play in Portland wind symphony

GLIDE, Ore. -- A Glide student was chosen to play with the best high schools students of the northwest in Portland this month.

18-year-old Sara Engle, who started playing the flute in fifth grade, said that her love of music started as a family affair.

"I actually was first involved in music because my older sister was," Engle said.

It has since grown into a serious passion, as Sara continued to play the flute in her high school band.

Her hard work and practice has paid off as Engle was recently chosen to participate in the northwest division of the National Association for Music Education's wind symphony.

She will join students from around Oregon and 5 other northwestern states for a performance gala event in Portland on February 14-17.

"At first I didn't really understand how big of a deal it was," said Engle. "Then I was really excited. I hadn't even thought about it since October, so I was really surprised."

Shortly after school started, she and other band students around the region submitted entries to the NAME's wind symphony.

Sara told KPIC that she's proud to be the only student from the small school to be accepted into the symphony.