Local program for kids gets boost from grant

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Douglas County kids are going to get a little extra help thanks to a recent grant.

At Wednesday morning's county commissioner meeting, the Ford Family Foundation gave a $200,000 grant to the Commission on Children and Families.

The money will be given to the organization's 'Build Our Kids' project over the next two years.

The project is already in place in several schools around the county, and officials say it's made a huge impact.

Gillian Wesenberg from the commission, says the kids are the real winners from the donation. "It makes me feel really warm and teary," she said. "It's taking an interest, just making sure children are safe, whatever it is we can do. If it's just asking them how they're doing, that's a lot."

Student testimonials included one child saying they wouldn't have been able to pass a math test without the program.

Another student says they would never have dreamed about going to college, but with the help of the program, they'll attend college in the fall.