Local officials talk security after Boston Marathon attack

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After the attack at the Boston Marathon on Monday, local officials are talking about the safety precautions that surround big events in Douglas County.

First, it starts with numbers.

At big events, there's typically a heavy uniformed presence. "That's on purpose," said Lt. Doug Ladd of the Oregon State Police. "That's to let people know that we're there, any people thinking about doing something, when they see the uniforms, typically they won't."

Even Ladd was surprised by the Boston blasts. "Being a runner myself, I was pretty shocked," he said.

Roseburg does have its share of big events, like the Douglas County Fair and Graffiti weekend.

Every summer, Jackson Street is closed down for the Graffiti events.

Old cars cruise down the road, and the sidewalks are jammed packed with people.

KPIC News spoke to one local business owner along the strip, and she says she isn't too concerned about security at big events like this. "I think Roseburg's a pretty safe town," said business owner Martha Bradley.

People can still help with event security, according to Ladd. "Just play the, "What's wrong with this picture" game. Do you see a backpack or a bag laying unclaimed somewhere? Let someone know," he said.

Ladd says officers are trained to look for anything out of place, and encourage everyone to report anything suspicious.