Local brews help make tasty 'Iron Chef' at Brewfest

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Three former UCC culinary arts students were part of an Iron Chef competition using beer from local breweries at the annual Brewfest.

The event was held Saturday, and Kasey Hovik of Umpqua Watersheds explained how the contestants came up with local brews for their dishes. "They're working with our local brewers here, and each of the brewers donated beer, and so, the students are going to be cooking with the beer and also figuring out what tastes best with the beer."

The three local chefs spent four hours perfecting their beer pairings for guests to sample.

Chris VanDyke, the UCC Director of Culinary Arts, says they were happy for the opportunity. "UCC is excited to be here and it's a great opportunity for the students to come down and serve some food to some customers, which is what the culinary arts program is all about."

Two Shy, Old 99 and Draper breweries provided the beer for the first-ever Iron Chef competition.

When it was said and done, ticket buyers chose the beef chow paired with Draper's Blueberry Wheat as their favorite dish.