KPIC and DCN prepare for Saturday showdown

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- For the 6th year in a row staffers from right here at KPIC, along with the crew from Douglas County News, will show off their inner jack... Donkey.

On Saturday at 4:00 pm, Team KPIC and Team Douglas County News will preemptively take some Advil and hop on donkeys for a friendly game of basketball.

The Douglas County Shrine Club puts on the event every year, raising money for kids in Douglas County.

For several years now, despite Douglas County News and their cheating tactics, KPIC has been victorious on the courts.

The coach and not-so-power forward for KPIC is particularly happy with the team this year, saying they have prepared harder this year than ever before. "Ya, we cut back on donuts to 3 days a week," said coach Kevin.

KPIC has also taken a page from the DCN's cheat-book, bringing in a couple of all stars who won't be named until tip-off.

Despite facing a 38-year loosing streak, Coach Becky from DCN is feeling confident. "I'm confident that this year's game is going to be the best ever! The caveat being that KPIC will need to refrain from cheating," Becky said. "Understanding that for YEARS that's the only way that they've been able to be triumphant."

KPIC's coach disagrees. "Cheat? Are you kidding me? She's just jealous that at halftime the little kids get to come down and pet the donkeys, and they often times get her and her ride confused," he said.

The outcome will be decided after a 4:00 pm tip-off in the Douglas County Fairgrounds arena at the south end of the complex on Saturday.

Tickets are $6 at the gate, children under 3 are free and there are concessions.

All smack talking aside, both teams would like to make sure people come and join us in helping the REAL WINNERS: the kids that the Douglas County Shrine Club helps!