Kids to get hands-on experience with Safari animals

WINSTON, Ore. -- Students interested in pursuing a career in zoology, or who just want to work with a team, will have a chance to volunteer at the Wildlife Safari in Winston.

Wildlife Safari is partnering with the Boy Scouts of America to offer hands-on career opportunities for 14-20 year olds interested in working in a zoo setting.

Leila Goulet, the education director, says it can give some good insight into what a career in that field may be like. "It's a way for students to come to the zoo and really explore what it's like to work in a zoo, what it's like to help take care of some of the animals, what it's like to do some public speaking and help with special events," she said.

Students will have the opportunity to work with and handle the animals. "They'll range pretty much from any one of our small mammals into our reptiles," Goulet said. "Some are more advanced animals. Maybe as some of these kids gain experience and more confidence, we can teach them how to use some of our more advanced animals."

Safari directors will customize the experience depending on the interest of each student.

The 'Wildlife Explorers' will hold their first meeting in the Discovery Theater this Thursday, January 30, at 7:00 pm.