Kids in local elementary school get some lessons on guns

WINSTON, Ore. -- Students at a local elementary school got a lesson about gun safety on Thursday from someone who uses one every day... along with a bird.

Students at Brockway Elementary School students got the lesson from a Douglas County Sheriff's deputy and Eddie the Eagle.

Officials say they pay careful attention to not influence views about guns, but merely to teach kids how to safely use them.

'Eddie Eagle Gun Safe' is the name of the program, and police say it could save lives.

"With the amount of people who own personal firearms in Douglas County, I think it's a very important message, because we don't say that guns are bad or good, it's just basic safety," said Andrea Zielinski from the Sheriff's office.

Deputy Greg Kennerly told KPIC News that he has one hope for the time spent speaking to kids. "If we save just one kid's life every time we give this demonstration, then you know, it's by far worth it," he said.

Eddie Eagle, the program's mascot, came to the presentations with them, and the kids seemed to enjoy the program.

Officials say they plan to introduce the program to schools throughout Douglas County.