Katie's Closet brings clothing to foster kids

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Sutherlin teen is starting up a place for children entering foster care to get some much needed clothing.

14-year-old Katie Fugate needed a platform for her Miss Outstanding Teen Pageant.

When she started to think about what and who she wanted to spread awareness of, her young cousins came to mind. "My cousins were in foster care, and we took them in," she said.

They didn't come with much. "They didn't have much clothes, they didn't have any clothes at all, except for the ones on their backs," Katie said.

A child welfare worker said Katie's cousins aren't alone. Many kids enter foster care without a lot of clothing.

Katie hopes to change that. She's starting 'Katie's Closet', a room in the Department of Human Services building filled with children's clothing.

Kids who enter into care are invited to come in and find something new to wear.

Katie hopes that will make the transition into a stranger's home a little easier. "It's really important. I feel like it really affects their life."

The Miss Outstanding Teen Pageant is April 5, but Katie hopes the closet will last far beyond that, possibly helping to clothe foster children for years to come.

If you're interested in helping the project, you can contact the Department of Human Services for more information.