K-9 Fun Run brings out crowd Saturday

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- If your dog runs the show, it might also do well running a 5-K. The Roseburg Police Department ran with that idea this weekend.

Roseburg police say they had a great turnout for their second annual K-9 Pursuit Fun Run this weekend.

"We had 116 people participate today, and we also had 33 dogs run the 5-K race," said Roseburg police Sgt. Aaron Dunbar.

That's a lot of paws hitting the pavement, but the pooches weren't panting just for fun.

"The idea here today is to raise awareness about all the different police K-9 programs in our community, and to provide a funding mechanism for those programs," Dunbar said.

But these runners aren't the only ones who've been training. Sgt. Dunbar explains what characteristics make a good police K-9. "We're really looking for a dog that has aggressive tendencies that can be turned on and off. So, these dogs have to be absolutely obedient, but still, they're both alpha dogs."

John Powell found out that when nature calls, dogs will always be dogs. "One of the things about this run is the pace may alter a bit depending on bathroom breaks."