Jo Lane students gearing up for statewide 'Battle'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Battle of the Books team at Jo Lane Middle School is gearing up for a trip to state.

The team just won their regional match up, qualifying them for state.

They will head to Salem on April 12 for the competition.

16 books are put on the battle list, and teams must use their spare time to prepare for battles.

Team member Gretchen Lucido spoke about how they are preparing for the main event. "We make up questions, and you have to get together to study," she said. "That will help you out a lot."

Members of the Jo Lane team have been involved in Battle of the Books since they were in the third grade.

Jessica Lum, the team captain, says says they enjoy the competition. "It's really fun to answer the questions, and you have that feeling, that spark in your head like, 'Oh, I know this!'"

"It's really, really fun," said Lum.

Debra Ross, an associate librarian at the school, says it's a great way for kids and books to get together. "I couldn't ask for a better group of kids," she said. "They're dedicated, they're driven, they work really well together as a team."