Jennifer Huston's body found in Sheridan near Deer Creek Park

SHERIDAN, Ore. - Jennifer Huston's body was found in Sheridan near Deer Creek Park late Tuesday morning, Newberg police said.

Huston, a 38-year-old stay-at-home mom from Dundee, had been missing since July 25. Her disappearance triggered a massive multi-state search for her and her green Lexus SUV.

Newberg police Capt. Jeff Kosmicki said there was no sign of foul play and that it didn't appear the SUV had been in an accident, but police aren't ready to say for certain what caused Huston's death because the investigation is still ongoing.

"We're keeping an open mind, but I think we've got a pretty good idea of what happened," Kosmicki said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Huston's SUV was found on what police described as a property owner's secondary driveway in a heavily forested area. The owner, Vern Clemmer, found the SUV about one-eighth of a mile from his home, Kosmicki said.

"It's a pretty thick canopy of trees so it would be pretty difficult to see from the air," Kosmicki said.

Clemmer said he can't figure out how Huston ended up on the road because it's usually roped off.

"I have a roped gate down there and I tie it between two posts, and that's the first thing I checked on the way over, and the roped gate was up. She evidently untied it or somebody untied it and put it back up," Clemmer said.

Clemmer went back to his house after he discovered the SUV and told his wife, Charlotte, about it. She said she immediately knew who it belonged to and called police.

"I said, 'Was that SUV a late-model 1999-2000?'. He said, 'Yep.' I said, 'Was it dark green?'. He said, 'Yes.' I said, 'That's it.'."

When police arrived at the Clemmers' place, detectives swept the area, and found Huston's body about 50 yards away from the SUV.

"This is not a good situation even if it's on my property or anybody's property. It's a sad, sad situation," Vern Clemmer said.

Kosmicki said Huston was wearing the same clothes she had on when she disappeared, and that police haven't found her cellphone.

Newberg police were planning how they wanted to approach the investigation on Tuesday when they got a call from Yamhill County dispatch that the SUV had been found. They sent paramedics to the scene in case Huston was still alive, then headed out themselves.

Jennifer Huston's husband, Kallen, had said it was highly unusual for the mother of two to disappear. On the night she was last seen, she stopped for gas, then stopped again for trail mix, Gatorade and sleeping pills.

Police wouldn't say if they found sleeping pills, a pill bottle or packaging in Huston's car, or near it. They also wouldn't say if they discovered any weapons.

Autopsy results are expected as early as Wednesday morning.

"It's a terrible tradgedy. I feel for the husband and the two children," Charlotte Clemmer said.

Watch the entire 4 p.m. press conference held by Newberg-Dundee police: