'It's interesting having a naked man sitting outside your office'

SWISSHOME, Ore. - Pastor Bryan Moore said it was unlike anything he's ever seen before.

"People were just standing around, wondering what was going on and are they gonna catch him."

He said he was sitting in his office at the Swisshome Evangelical Church on Highway 36 Tuesday afternoon when he saw a naked man walk past his window.

"He was going down the middle of the street with a shovel, yeah, that was crazy."

The man, 32-year-old Erik David Jensen, parked his car at one end of town, and residents said, stripped off his clothes before walking up Highway 36 with a shovel in his hand.

"He hit a car and a lady was in the car and, yeah people were scared of course," said Moore.

Other neighbors nearby said Jensen was a 'big guy' and was yelling the phrase, "I did it, I finally did it."

After walking down the street Moore said he then saw Jensen break into a home next to his church.

According to the Lane County Sheriff's Office, a woman and four children arrived home a short time later and found Jensen naked in the kitchen.

The sheriff's office said he tried swinging the shovel at them, that's when they barricaded themselves in a bathroom until police arrived.

"I'm just happy police came as quick as they did," said Moore. "There were three police cars and he was on the ground handcuffed."

According to the sheriff's office, Jensen's car was full of women's underwear including bras and panties.

They said he also admitted to coming from the Oregon Country Fair and recently used drugs.

Moore said he was just glad something no one was hurt and he hopes to never see something like that again.

"It's interesting having a naked man sitting outside your office, handcuffed. I don't know what else to say."

Jensen was arrested and lodged at the Lane County Jail.

He was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.