Items stored in front of heater leads to Roseburg house fire

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A house fire was knocked down by fire crews Thursday morning in West Roseburg, and authorities say items stored in front of a heater are to blame.

Fire crews responded to the home on Alamosa Court just before 9:00 am, for a report of a fire that was burning inside.

There were two people inside the home, and four people inside an attached apartment. All the residents were able to get out without any injuries.

Fire crews were able to quickly knock it down.

Authorities say the fire started when a thermostatically-controlled, wall-mounted space heater kicked on due to the cold tempuratures.

Officials say the house occupants had not removed items stored from in front of the heater, and the combustible items that were touching the front of the heater began to smolder and eventually caught fire.

The Roseburg Fire Department issued the following reminder for the public:

The Roseburg Fire Department would like to remind everyone to make sure they do not have items stacked in front of or on top of space heaters, floor vents or wall heaters. While these heat sources are safe to use, they often produce a lot of direct heat that can cause combustible items such as cloth, paper or plastic to catch fire if it is in contact with or too close to the heat output. Also, remember to check your smoke detectors and make sure you have functional smoke alarms on every floor of the house and in every bedroom.