'It was very uncalled for by the police officers to pull a Taser out'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Roseburg man who police say was arrested for Obstructing Governmental Administration and domestic harassment on Sunday, is speaking out about what happened.

According to the Roseburg Police Department, Shaun Lowry, 31, pushed his girlfriend to the ground several times.

Police then say that when officers arrived on scene, Lowry refused to comply with their directions, and they had to use a Taser to subdue him.

Lowry says, that's not true. "I didn't do anything wrong, you know," he said.

According to Lowry, he had been out of the house with his family and his girlfriend, when Lowry's father called and told him that one of Shaun's three Pit Bulls had bitten a relative's child on the face.

The group returned to the house, and Lowry says that he disciplined his dog, which upset his girlfriend and family.

Lowry says that he got into an argument with family members, and police were called. When authorities arrived on scene, Shaun says that they overreacted. "It was very uncalled for by the police officers to pull a Taser out," he said. "There was three of them there, I had no weapons on me, they were very aware of that: I had no shirt on, so they could tell I didn't have any weapons on me."

While officials with the Roseburg Police Department weren't able to comment on this particular incident beyond what the report said, they say that the use of a Taser is a safe way to subdue a subject. "When we are met with active resistance, the Taser is a tool that we use to gain compliance so that we can get people into custody without any significant injuries to the suspect or to our officers," said Sgt. Aaron Dunbar of the Roseburg police.

Lowry says he's not sure why the police department is saying he assaulted his girlfriend. "Nobody told them anything about her getting shoved to the ground," he told KPIC News. "I don't know where they came up with those statements, but it's very unfortunate for my situation."

Sgt. Dunbar says that he's not able to comment on an investigation before adjudication.

Shaun says he doesn't plan on taking any legal action against the department, he just wants the charges to be dismissed so he can put the whole ordeal behind him.

Lowry owns Shaun's Precision Lube and Tune in Roseburg, and says he hopes he doesn't lose any business over the incident.

He says he is due in court July 30, where he plans on pleading not guilty to the charges against him.