'It might make you feel good like it made us feel'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- On Thursday, the Department of Human Services got a donation unlike any they've ever seen.

Susan Purcival has six grandkids. While many children are busy making their wish lists this time of year, her grandkids are doing something a little different: giving back.

Susan and her six grandkids dropped off hundreds of toys to give to Douglas County kids in need. "They gave up their Christmas this year, and we have been buying Christmas presents throughout the whole year," Susan said.

Her grandkids not only asked for their presents to be donated, but also raised money throughout the year.

They did chores, gave spare change and found deals to help stretch their dollar. Hayden Purcival, 11, says they do it because they feel for kids less fortunate than them. "It felt good because we basically have everything that we basically need, and they might not have the things that we do," he said.

Lacee Langdon is 9-years old, and she agreed. "Because other people don't get to have Christmas, so we wanted to give them all these things."

DHS officials say that the more than 300 children they give gifts to will likely receive something from the family's donation.

Susan says she's glad that her grandkids have realized how good it feels to give back. "I want them to learn to give is better than to receive," she said.

The family challenges other children to give back as well. "You guys should try to do it too, because it might make you feel good like it made us feel," said 12-year-old Taylor Langdon.

Susan hopes that her grandchildren's kindness will inspire others. "A little bit goes a long way as far as that goes," she said. "If six kids can do that, think of what each child in Douglas County, if they bought one thing to give away to someone else, or did one thing for somebody else, how it would touch them."