Internet scam: 'IT Solutions' asks you send money to Singapore

EUGENE, Ore. -- A new internet scam could be targeting people in Western Oregon, and Eugene Police said it involves people sending money overseas.

The scam involves a fake company with the name "IT Solutions" offers to clean files off your computer in exchange for a large sum of money, the Eugene Police Department's crime prevention unit said.

The scammers have been asking people to send the money to Singapore as a check.

From Eugene Police:

Criminals are continually crafting new scams geared toward separating you from your savings. They do this by tricking you into handing over your cash, personal I.D., checking account numbers, and credit card information any way they can.

If someone asks you for your cash, credit card numbers or other personal information - especially if you don't know them well - the safest move is to refuse their request and check with the police.

Eugene Police have addressed many of the most common scams in our area, but new ones, like the one above, are popping-up all the time.