Indoor Clean Air Act will affect vape shops, e-cigarettes

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Indoor Clean Air Act has recently been expanded to include the use of inhalant delivery systems, such as e-cigarettes.

We visited with local vape shops to see how it affects them.

Under the new law, e-cigs or any inhalant delivery systems will be treated like regular cigarettes -- no smoking indoors or in public places.

"The reasoning behind the Indoor Clean Air Act is to protect people from dangerous substances indoors and that would include e-cigarettes as of January 1st," says Karen Girard with the Oregon Health Authority.

That poses a problem for vape shops.

"Sampling is a big part of our business and it's a big part of a lot of vape shops business," says Bobby Shivers, COO of JB Vapes.

Even if there is no nicotine coming from the e-cig, customers can't puff away inside.

"Not being able to know whether someone was using a solution that was included in the law or exempt from the law was difficult and so, for enforcement purposes, the law does cover all inhalant delivery systems," adds Girard.

"We have followed the science all along to show that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking and yet that doesn't seem to be taken into account," says Shivers.

Selling e-cigarettes or any inhalant delivery systems to minors is illegal.

Indoor vaping will be illegal this coming January.

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