Indian mascot: 'It would be wonderful for this community'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roseburg School District officials are pleased with the news coming out of Salem regarding the possibility of keeping the 'Indian' mascot.

Schools all over Oregon are a step closer to being able to keep their Native American mascots.

A spokeswoman for Governor John Kitzhaber said the governor is prepared to sign a bill allowing schools to keep their Native American nicknames and imagery.

The bill will allow these mascots under certain conditions, including the approval of the local tribe and the board of education.

Dr. Larry Parsons, the Roseburg School District Superintendent, says things are finally looking up in the fight to keep Roseburg High School's Indian mascot. "We're much more confident now than when we were, in fact, since this whole thing came up two or three years ago," Parsons said. "We feel like this is as close as we have come to having some resolution, and it would be wonderful for this community and for our high school to be able to keep the nickname Indians."

The governor's office says he will sign the bill if it clears the house without changes.