'I saw numerous people fleeing the park because of the fumes'

NORTH BEND, Ore. - A leak in equipment used to make fertilizer out of kelp and fish carcasses filled the air with the smell of rotting fish at Ferry Road Park last weekend.

"This is so horrible you can't even stand to be out in your own yard," neighbor Dena McDonald said of the stench. "I saw numerous people Saturday fleeing the park because of the fumes. I have had severe nausea - you feel like you've burned the inside of your mouth."

Police said the fertilizer maker experience a leak of some kind.

North Bend City Administrator Terrence O'Connor said he's been told the fumes are not harmful but that the Department of Environmental Quality is investigating.

The business making the organic fertilizer will be monitored in an attempt to prevent the odor from returning, the city said.