Huge donation made to Guardians of Heroes

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The parking lot at the Roseburg National Cemetery is one big step closer to completion.

A group called the Guardians of Heroes is raising money to re-do the parking lot at the cemetery.

Mourners have to walk through dirt, puddles and mud when it rains, which community members say, just isn't right.

On Wednesday morning, the Roseburg Rotary donated nearly $13,000, which came from a raffle they organized in the fall.

Officials say it is the largest donation the group has gotten, but fundraising isn't over yet. "Is it done? The answer is no," said Guardians of Heroes president Dereck Simmons. "At this point, we are 15 to 25 thousand dollars away from finishing. However, if we are not able to raise another dime, we will be able to pave two thirds of it, and we will do that."

For more information on how you can help or ways to donate, you can visit the Guardians of Heroes Web site.