'He's home for Christmas, and he survived'

EUGENE, Ore. -- After spending four months at Seattle Children's Hospital, 17-month-old Uriah Ellingson is now at home.

Uriah Ellingson was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and received a mechanical Berlin heart in September. After surviving a heart attack from complications, Uriah received a heart transplant on October 15th. He was then in the ICU for two months.

On Friday, his family finally left Seattle Children's Hospital and drove back home to Eugene.

"It was like a war, basically, that's where we've been, and he was the soldier. And he's home for Christmas, and he survived," said mother Hannah Zabriskie.

Receiving a heart transplant is a day Zabriskie will never forget.

"Transplant day is like a new birthday. It's like a beginning of our new life knowing that he's not gonna be sick," said Zabriskie.

She credits the doctors, nurses and staff at Seattle Children's Hospital for saving Uriah's life.

"I feel grateful that God has given me Uriah and I feel he did so for a reason, so I think its my job to learn how to care for him."