Hearing Dog: 'It's just going to be fantastic'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After a year of waiting, Ginnie Reardon got a phone call she had been waiting for.

She learned that she would be matched with a new companion: a hearing dog from Dogs For the Deaf.

After he was rescued and underwent months of training, Chelsey West with Dogs For the Deaf thought Bruan, a Boston Terrier/Border Collie mix, would be a great match for Ginnie.

They were finally able to meet on Tuesday, and have been bonding all of last week. "So Braun, he's going to alert her to sounds going off," said West. "The oven timer, someone knocking at the door, the smoke alarm, her alarm clock in the morning."

As a certified service dog, Braun will be able to go out in public and to work with Ginnie.

Most of all, Ginnie says she's thankful to have Braun hearing those sounds that she can't. "The knowledge of going to sleep at night and he's there to help me hear whatever needs to be heard," she said. "It's just going to be fantastic. Having somebody else there to help me hear."

Ginnie says her experience with Dogs For the Deaf has been a great one, and she can't wait to take Braun to work with her on Monday.

Braun was sponsored by the Lions Club.