Gun Rally: 'That's something you would expect from some third world country'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- We have holidays to appreciate our mothers, past presidents and loved ones... but what about guns?

Pro-gun groups around the country named Saturday, January 19, 'Gun Appreciation Day.'

Gun rights groups had people flock to gun stores, ranges and shows to support the second amendment.

Staff at the Hole in the Wall Gun Shop in Coos Bay invited people to get involved.

Ken Lawrence, owner of the gun shop, says although it probably won't be a national holiday, he thinks it is pretty important. "It's something the people can feel positive about for this particular year, for this particular day, but like I said, I don't believe, I don't predict that it's ever gonna be a national holiday," he said. " It's not gonna happen every year."

Thousands of people in Coos County own guns and over 4,000 people have concealed handgun licenses.

It's not hard in our area to find people who are supportive of a 'Gun Appreciation Day.'

Another group, Ceasefire Oregon, wasn't at the rally, but members said they had concerns about such an event. "The problem is, that they're advocating that everybody bring their gun for it, and the fact that we're having a mass showing of people on the steps of capital buildings waving their guns around, that's something you would expect from some third world country," said Baldr Odinson.

Although "gun appreciation day" might not become a national holiday, it did provide for residents a good opportunity to talk about the issues.