Gresham father punches man being obscene in front of daughters, then calls police

GRESHAM, Ore. -- A father's instincts kicked in Tuesday morning when he caught a strange man being obscene in front of his young daughters.

Jeremy Clouse punched first before asking questions. Now, police need help finding the man.

Police say Clouse left his mark, so he might be noticeable, even if they don't have a suspect sketch.

Clouse told KATU News he was just trying to protect his daughters when he spotted something sketchy on the daily walk to the school bus stop with his eight and five year-old daughters.

"I saw a guy in a silver car with four doors and he didn't belong around here. He was staring at my daughters funny," Clouse explained.

But it's what Clouse says he saw the man doing inside that car that's alarming. It was parked on Northeast 18th court in Gresham, just off of Northeast Kane Drive.

"I wanted to walk around and see what he was doing or if he was from around here. And he had his pants down around his knees and uh doing every parent's nightmare," Clouse said.

He was doing exactly what you're thinking. So Jeremy punched him.

"I hit him two to three times," said Clouse.

Clouse's knuckles are still red and swollen from the impact. He said the man fell over in the driver's seat after the beating, quickly drove off, turning right on to Kane headed toward Division Street.

Clouse called police after that.

Police are looking for a silver or gray, 1990's Nissan 4-door car. Jeremy told them it doesn't have license plates and it could have a dealer insert instead.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned Hispanic male, about 180 pounds. Since Clouse clocked him a few times, he should also be bruised on his face or jaw.

Gresham police want to hear from anyone who has information that could lead tracking him down.

Clouse told KATU News if he sees the guy again, he'll have another message for him until police showed up.

"It's not what i would say. There would be nothing to say. We would take care of it. We would hold him there."