Graphics wrap business owner gets state law changed

ALBANY, Ore. - Arthur Meeker wraps cars in graphics for a living.

Three years ago, the owner of Xtreme Graphics got pulled over and ticketed for the graphic wrap over his rear window.

He didn't think that was fair. Meeker as the driver could see out the window; the officer couldn't see in. And Oregon law at the time said graphics couldn't obstruct the view in or out of a car window.

"Usually it's a commercial application. It's for a business and so most of the time your crimes aren't going to be committed with a commercial vehicle," he said in his defense.

Meeker didn't think this was fair. Plenty of cargo vans and loaded pickups lack visibility both ways through the rear window. And his customers - largely small business owners - use wraps as a way to turn their cars into mobile billboards.

So with the help of state Rep. Andy Olson, Meeker fought the law - and changed it. As long as a driver's visiblity is not impaired by the graphics wrap, it's now OK for an image visible from the outside to cover the rear window.

Meeker says anyone can make a difference. "If there's something that you don't like in your community or something like that, whether it's the law or anything else, start out, and get ahold of your mayor or city councilors. They're always ready to listen."