Classic cars roll through Graffiti Weekend activities Thursday

Graffiti Weekend is officially underway in Douglas County and the cars are out and ready to rumble, July 7, 2016. (KPIC/Ashley Honea)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Graffiti Weekend is officially underway in Roseburg and the cars are out and ready to rumble.

People got to flash back in time at Roseburg Community Cars Thursday for its 5th Annual Show-N-Shine, complete with free hot dogs and prizes for the crowd-favorite car.

Graffiti weekenders say it's a time of year everyone can look forward to.

"We found a little bit of a spot where we're into old cars and Douglas County (and) old cars really is what we're about," said Roseburg Community Cars sales manager Eric Pickle. "So we did the show and it's taken off. This is our fifth annual show and it's just blown up."

Thursday night's yesteryear events include a sock-hop at the Roseburg Senior Center, bowling and BBQ at TenDown and Splitz, and of course, old-fashioned floats at Sonic and Pete's Drive-In.

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