Glide to lose middle school

GLIDE, Ore. -- The Glide School Board has decided to close the district's middle school.

The school will close in 2015, and 7th and 8th graders will start attending the high school.

Superintendent Steve Dickenson says the decision stemmed from lack of funding.

For every student, the district receives about $6,000 dollars in funding, according to officials.

In the past three decades, the district has gone from about 1,400 students to a little over 500, so the budget has taken a huge hit over the years. "Everybody doesn't like the idea of having to face this, and each board member has said that this isn't something they want to do, it's just a financial economic necessity for us to do it, and that we would prefer not to do it," Dickenson said.

The school closure isn't the only place the district has to make cuts.

Dickenson says that the district will also lose six and a half teaching jobs in the next few years.

Dickenson says he doesn't want to let teachers go, but at this point, the board has made every other feasible cut, and he's says there's no other option.