Glide Fire Dept. in search of volunteers

Glide Fire Department in Glide, Ore., October 19, 2017. (SBG)

GLIDE, Ore. -- The Glide Fire Department is in search of volunteer firefighters.

Can you help?

"You'll never know until you try it,” says Glide firefighter and first responder Nicholas Page, “and it's been the most rewarding thing in my life."

If you like running towards and accident or fire--instead of away from it--then Glide Fire wants you on their team.

"People need to help each other, you know,” says Glide Fire Chief Ted Damewood. “I'm talking for Glide Fire and the Glide community, but this is everywhere throughout Douglas County."

Glide Fire Department received a total of 429 calls this year, but they have only 22 active volunteers.

They’re looking for people of all ages to help.

"We have retired folks that volunteer that are firefighters,” says Damewood, “I believe there's a spot for everybody. We just have to find that spot."

Glide Fire also wants volunteers to know how much they can learn.

"I've learned so much about people in my community,” says Page. “I've learned so much about emergency services…the list goes on. It's just great."

If you would like to help the department with its critical need for volunteers, visit the Glide Rural Fire Protection District website.

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