Glendale becomes 'Firewise' in preparation for Summer

GLENDALE, Ore. -- Glendale residents are bracing for another rough fire season ahead, but this time they're preparing with fire defense.

Glendale residents are hoping to protect their community by clearing brush and other fire fuels.

William Dausel, Glendale's Public Works superintendent, says last summer's fires were an eye opener for the town. "The fire came up pretty close last year and we want to take care of ourselves, so we're trying to be proactive and get this thing cleaned up," he said.

A group of volunteers has gone through and identified several different areas (broken into several communities within the town) that will be cleaned up.

After last summer's Douglas Complex fire forced evacuations throughout the city, members of Firewise have chosen the city park as their first 'Firewise Community.'

Connie Stevens is the chair of the Glendale Firewise Community, and she says that hopefully the first project will get other residents involved. "We can use that as an area to show people what the work looks like when they come through, it might help people decide, "Yeah, we want that on our property.""

With the help of the Douglas Forest Protective Association, Glendale will have multiple Firewise communities across the town. "Now, we're here to help them out and do what we can to help them," said Kyle Reed from the DFPA. "But, it's actually their work and their ideas that mitigates those risks."

So far, Glendale's Firewise communities are just beginning, but organizers say the community response has been great.

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