Getting money on inmate's account to get easier

ROSBURG, Ore. -- If you have a relative in the Douglas County Jail, getting money to them is going be a little easier soon.

A kiosk is going to be installed outside the jail, which will allow families to put money into the inmate's account.

The inmates can use the money to buy things like food and a toothbrush from the commissary.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin told KPIC News that behavior will play a role in how they get to use it. "It's not a right that they have, and when inmates are misbehaving and they're not being good and following the rules of the jail, then it is a privilege we can take away from them."

Hanlin says inmates will go through jail officials to access their accounts just as they always have, only now it will be more convieneint for people giving the inmates money.

They can even bail themselves out if they have enough in their account.

The kiosk will be installed in about a month.

**An earlier version of this story said that an ATM would be installed inside the jail. That information has been corrected**