Full time enrollment at UCC drops

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- Student enrollment trends are changing at Umpqua Community College, and officials say the change is due largely to the economy.

Umpqua Community College officials say that full time enrollment has dropped about 7% in the last school year.

But, they add that the number of students they actually serve has gone up.

Officials say the drop in full time students was something they saw coming. Several years ago, the college saw a 43% increase in enrollment.

"We had this bubble of enrollment that came through the college, and as the students complete their programs or transfer on to higher ed or return to the workforce, that enrollment bubble declines, and we return back to our historic enrollment patterns," said Dan Yoder, the Director of Institutional Reasearch, Planning and Compliance at the college.

The college had its largest graduating class ever last year.

Yoder says that enrollment may lower over the next few years, but he says that means that students will take what they learned at UCC and will be able to apply it to their next step in life.

"Having that many students graduate means that they're not persisting on because they're done," he said.

Though the number of students may be lessening, Yoder says that many of the programs at the college still have wait lists.