From homemade pizza to Taco Bell, prom invites are unique

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Rylan Burum wanted to ask his girlfriend to the prom in a unique way.

So, he got her a pizza.

The RHS junior told KPIC News it was pretty simple really. "I came home and cut all of the pepperoni so it spelled out "prom" with a question mark."

After people heard about it, he says others wanted to try the same thing.

Students in Roseburg are getting pretty creative and competitive with the way they ask people out to prom.

While some prefer delivering a pizza, others prefer putting up a billboard at Taco Bell.

Junior Cody Walker did just that. "She loves Taco Bell, and me and her mom were talking and we decided to take her to a lunch date and ask her here," he said.

A lot of teens, no matter how they were asked, headed to the annual prom Saturday night in Roseburg.