Friends, mourners bring flowers to Reynolds shooting victim's family

TROUTDALE, Ore. -- People brought flowers to the Hoffman family's home on Tuesday, trying to console the inconsolable.

Kelly Gigliotti came by to leave flowers for Emilio Hoffman's family and pay her respects. Gigliotti went to Reynolds High School.

"Just sad," said Gigliotti, "Yeah, especially the young lady that said that this - they had heard the shots and they were in the weight room. I just have memories of being in that weight room when I was in high school. Tough."

It's especially tough when you understand who Emilio Hoffman was, a teen into selfies and soccer.

Emilio Hoffman shared on Facebook "I don't have big muscles, but at least I'm a nice guy."

Family friend Randy Olson confirmed Hoffman was shot and killed inside Reynolds High School and spoke for the shooting victim's family.

"At this point," said Olson, "all that we are going to say is please respect the family's privacy and we are going to make no comments other than what I just said."

In tweets with the hashtag #RIPEmilio, Salma Fathy shared 'and to think 13 hours ago he was alive and breathing.'

From Amber - 'I'm so sorry you had to leave the world this way, my love.'

Kaelee Willhite wrote 'Life is so prescious. It's sad to think that someone would think it's okay to take away such a special thing.'

Kelly Gigliotti simply says, "Shocking. Shocking."

Emilio himself tweeted Tuesday morning, "lets just end school with a bunch of stressful testyay."

40 minutes later, Emilio Hoffman was shot and killed.