Free tree recycling on the way to Roseburg

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- When the presents are all opened and the dinners consumed, people have to start thinking about what to do with that tree.

Roseburg Disposal is providing free Christmas tree drop boxes in Roseburg.

Officials ask that trees have no ornaments, lights, plastic bags, metal stands or other refuse.

Trees are made into mulch for your yard next summer, which you can pick up at the Roseburg Landfill.

There will be a chance to have them pick up your tree for a $7 fee, and trees must be cut into 4 feet or shorter lengths for pickup.

The drop boxes will be at the following locations from December 31 to January 14:

  • Kline St in front of Hucrest School
  • Corner of Calkins & Jefferson
  • Totem Market in Winchester
  • Sherms Thunderbird Parking Lot
  • Kowloon's Restaurant (Diamond Lake Blvd.
  • CarQuest (450 NE Stephens)
  • Rose Street by the old Safeway
  • Corner of Rice & Stephens
  • Redeemer's Bible Fellowship (3031 W Harvard)
  • 2195 NE Stephens (Old Roseburg Auto Center)