Free 'splash classes' teach water safety - and fun

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Free "splash classes" will be offered at the YMCA of Douglas County.

Swim instructors say important skills like water adjustment and breath control will be taught.

"There's a lot of games in the splash program, so we try to keep it really fun and engaging," said Jeanette Dever, the swim instructor supervisor.

In addition to having fun, Dever said it is important to feel safe around water this summer.

"We all try and keep our kids really close, but they do escape from us and I like to know that my children know how to swim if they did end up down by the river with their friends," she said.

The class is June 16 to June 19 and is available for kids ages six and older.

"Well it's free and it's a lot of fun," Dever said. "It's a great introduction to swimming lessons for kids that haven't had it before."