Former Sutherlin man shot dead in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., -- A former Sutherlin resident who was working at a 7-Eleven in Albuquerque was reportedly shot and killed early Tuesday morning.

Albuquerque police have just confirmed that the victim is Chad Mercer, 36.

Investigators took Eloy Aguilar, 22, into custody Wednesday afternoon.

Officials say he was the man who pulled the trigger.

He was with Julian De Herrera and Dylan Villarreal, who robbed a van outside the store and stole several cell phones.

According to KQRE News, witnesses say they watched Aguilar go back inside the store, point the gun at Mercer and pull the trigger.

Police tracked De Herrera and Villarreal through the stolen cell phones and arrested them both.

Aguilar was tracked down later in the day.