Fire Marshal: 'Trying to determine whether fire was intentional or accidental'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- An arson investigator and police are combing through what's left of the building that was gutted by fire early Wednesday morning.

Fire officials say the burning question still remains: What caused the building to burn down?

Roseburg Fire Marshal Tony DiMare says their investigation comes down to a simple fact. "We're trying to determine whether the fire was intentional or accidental," DiMare said.

The fire was spotted at about 1:30 am by a passing deputy, when no one was inside.

DiMare says an arson investigator from the Oregon State Police and detectives from the Roseburg Police Department assessed the building. "We're trying to look for one portion of the building that maybe got burned more than the other, or if there's multiple points of origin, things like that," he said.

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But the investigation doesn't stop there. "A new air conditioning unit was installed on Monday, so we want to talk to the people who did the installation to see if anything that they did could have contributed to the fire."

DiMare says there is a lot more to the investigation that just looking at the burned out building. "We're looking at clues that the fire leaves behind and doing a lot of things like talking to witnesses, looking at pictures and looking at video tapes," he said.

Officials were seen coming in and out of Chrome on Thursday, looking for answers as to what caused this fire.

The structure, valued over $169,000, appears to be a total loss, the fire department said. The fire destroyed the contents of the building and heavily damaged a limo parked out front.

Ben Bass, the owner of Chrome, said in an interview that he is cooperating with investigators.

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