Fir Grove reopens with hygiene lessons

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Students from Fir Grove Elementary School went back to school on Tuesday, and officials say things seem to be just about back to normal.

The school was closed down last Thursday, after about half of the staff and students either stayed home or went home sick with flu-like symptoms.

Of the 320 students, only 34 were not at school on Tuesday.

Principal Darren Johnson says that's a little higher than average, but it's much improved from the droves of ill students they had last week.

Johnson adds that staff are instructing kids on proper hygiene to help lower the spread of future illnesses. "We're having the teachers instruct students with 20 to 30 seconds with soap on the hands washing, because typically kids don't wash their hands very well," Johnson said.

Johnson asks parents to keep their kids home if they're showing any signs of illness.

Officials don't know when results will be back from the health department, hopefully giving some explanation as to how all the students and staff became ill.