Fees halted at Douglas County park due to concerns of discrimination

OAKLAND, Ore. -- Fees have been halted at a Douglas County park after concerns of discrimination.

Once working with a budget of more than a million dollars, the Douglas County Parks Department now gets no money from the county’s General Fund.

Officials said that in order to maintain the parks, permits were issued.

One permit was issued for all county parks except Mildred Kanipe Park; one permit was issued solely for Mildred Kanipe.

Both were priced at $30.

But now the Mildred Kanipe fee has been suspended after some say it was discriminatory toward people living in the north part of the county.

"I don't know what the future holds but this deals with that situation now and allows us to move forward,” said Douglas County Parks director Rocky Houston. “So hopefully, now that there is no fee there, more people will explore that park and we'll find a solution that addresses the policy issues and the legal issues."

The department says it’s issuing refunds or exchanges to those with Mildred Kanipe Park permits.

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