Family gets new ride: No more painful drives

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Douglas County families who find themselves in a tough situation and in need of transportation, are getting help from a group of local businesses.

The Cheatham family said rides weren't fun in their truck.

Little Jarod Rhoads says it was a painful experience. "It only had two seats up in front so we had to sit in the very back... it hurt," he said.

Well, not anymore.

On Friday, the family got a new ride thanks to a donation.

Auto stores that are part of the Umpqua Valley Automotive Network have been fixing the van for months.

UVAN president Dave Weir says ads were put up in December about the giveaway.

Families were asked to write a letter explaining why they should get the car.

Weir says deciding who would get the van was a difficult decision.

He says he read 30 letters, and out of all of those, this one was the one that most captivated him. "25 people signed the letter that was submitted, and we saw that much support for this family, so that's what really moved us as a group," he said.

Millie Millard is a family friend and attended the ceremony where the keys were handed over. She says things like this are examples of how people should be. "It's the American way: local people helping local people," Millard said.

The family says they couldn't be more grateful. "I feel blessed to have such good people that are taking care of us," said Tim Cheatham.