Family furious over neighbor allegedly drowning cats

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- A family is outraged to find out that two of their cats were allegedly killed by a neighbor, and they want something done about it.

Last Wednesday, Carol Eifert noticed that her cat Yager, was missing.

Yager and another cat named Henna were both what Carol calls, "roamers," but when she hadn't seen them for a few days, she became concerned.

She later found out they had allegedly been killed by her neighbor.

According to officials at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, the cats were killed after they got onto a neighbor's property and the man found them attacking his rabbits.

That could mean that the man was legally justified to kill the cats. "There is a statute in Oregon that allows livestock owners to kill dogs that are actively chasing and killing their livestock," said Douglas County Sheriff's deputy Dwes Hutson.

Hutson adds that there is no statute on domesticated cats though, so DCSO is handing the case over to the District Attorney's Office. However, Hutson believes that there may have been a better course of action.

"I believe that he drowned them," Hutson said. "You know, we would prefer obviously, if someone found themselves in that situation to call us, and let our animal control deputy go out and handle the situation."

Carol says she doesn't believe that her cats would attack rabbits, but even if they had, she wishes that her neighbor could have talked with her about it instead of killing them.

She hopes that her cat's deaths won't go unnoticed. "There's a lot of angry people, and I just hope that something is done about it," she said.

Deputy Huston says that when the report is finished, it will be submitted to the District Attorney's Office. Officials there will decide whether or not to charge the neighbor with animal cruelty.

The name of the man involved has not been released by authorities, but to be fair, KPIC News went to his home on Tuesday. No one answered the door.